Amber Hill Law handles all criminal matters, including, but not limited to: criminal traffic citations, including DUIs; first and second misdemeanor cases; third, second and first degree felony cases; juvenile delinquency; violations of probation; sealing/expunging records; post-conviction relief motions; and early termination of probation.


Amber Hill Law handles all family law matters, including, but not limited to: divorce, paternity cases, timeshare, child support, alimony, injunctions, adoptions, dependency actions and modifications.


Amber Hill Law can assist you with the following civil issues: administrative hearings, wills and estate planning, contract disputes, foreclosure defense, landlord/tenant and HOA disputes, consumer and debt matters, employment and negligence actions.

Traffic Violations/License Restoration

Amber Hill Law handles any and all traffic citations. We will also help you to clear up suspensions on your license and get your privileges reinstated so that you can drive again!